Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Preciousssss

As noted in the first post of this blog, the School Teacher (aka David M.) shoved a ring on my finger at that Giants/Braves game. That ring was a place marker; a very sweet, tres moderne gold and jade ring with a little chipperoo of a diamond that he got from his mother.

After much consideration, we opted to get a ring originally belonging to my great-grandmother, Sudie Eva Gaddis, restored. The story is (and correct me, people-in-the-know, if I'm wrong) that this ring, manufactured of 18K white gold sometime in the early part of the 20th century (best guess -- 1910-1925), was one that my grandmother, Sidney Ruth Young (Sudie's daughter) used to wear around as a teenager 'pretending' she was engaged. Given that she was engaged by the time she was 17, that didn't leave her much time for playing make-believe, but that's the story. I think.

Anyway, the original diamond is long gone, probably given to Ruth's daughter, my Aunt Frances, for her ring. What was left was a very early-Deco graphic filigree number that needed a little bit of work. We took it down to Alchemy in the Pearl District of Portland, a place recommended by my friend, Ms. K, who got her rings there. The jeweler pulled out some sapphires (the "birth stone" of both the present groom and bride in this saga) and we picked a little blue/teal-ish number. And viola! Such is the result. Mammy (great-grandmother Sudie Young, née Gaddis) and Grandmama Boof (grandmother Ruth Nolan, née Young) would be very pleased, I'm sure.


Dee said...

Wow, Mary! I love the ring and even though my birthstone is a ruby, I much prefer sapphires - blue is my favorite color and my old wedding ring had two small sapphires on it. I think the filigree work on the ring is really pretty. Congratulations!

MisAnthropology said...

Here's the historical commentary from the aunt:

"As my mother told it, Mammy gave her a diamond ring when she was 15, in 1930. She wore it as her ring. She met my father that same year. { I assume, after she got the ring.) As she told it to me, she was roller skating down a sidewalk in Oberlin when she first saw him standing on a street corner with some other men. She said she was struck by how handsome he was, with his wavy black hair. She told me that when they decided to get married, she wore it and told everyone it was her engagement ring. I don't know when it was reset into the ring that she gave me after I got married. Mammy probably bought it at a jewelery store - most likely in Alexandria or Lake Charles because those were the "cities" where they shopped.

It is a beautiful ring , and the sapphire looks beautiful in it. Perfect choice: Mammy and Mama would both be pleased."

Marcos said...

One of the nicest looking rings I've ever seen! Not that I've done too much looking at engagement rings, but still, quite visually appealing.

Dee said...

I love the story of the ring . . . I find family history like that really cool!