Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things you can do

Just a bit of info here --

If you would like to help out with wedding day set-up, I have a volunteer "volunteer coordinator" now, whom we shall call Shiela L. Contact me for her contact information.

If you would like to contribute a food item (think tapas), the food man is my very own father, the famous El Sid. Likewise, I can provide you with his contact information upon request (it's also on the insert in the invitations that are going out).

I am also on the lookout for likely prospects for day-of child-minding duties. Several people may have young-ish children in tow. While this is an afternoon-into-evening affair -- cocktail attire encouraged -- I'm not of the school holding that children do not belong at weddings. Weddings are the touchstone of familial celebrations, and to exclude the end product of many a wedding strikes me as peculiar. That said, I am planning on setting up a Kiddy Zone with a couple of tough-minded, yet child empathetic minders to ride herd on the hordes, so that the mamas and the papas can enjoy themselves.

Finally, I will be encouraging carpooling up to the Nolan residence for the event, and can help poolers get in touch with one another, if they let me know their intentions/needs.

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