Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing virtual dress up

On the 'oh-for-crying-out-loud, are-we-supposed-to-be-children?!' front, theknot.com has a little tool with which you can create an "inner bride" avatar for yourself -- pick the facial features, the hair, the body, the skin tone, the dress, the accessories, the setting.... Because we can never get enough of paper dolls and Barbie, even as we age. That's why Second Life is popular (among people with whom it's popular).

Even with all the options provided, this unlikely creature is what I come up with for my "inner bride" --


The body options are limited in the extreme. One can be thin or thinner. The hair options allow for no Louise Brooks bobs (who, like Veronica Lake, seems to be remembered almost exclusively for her hair). In spite of various options for facial features, every face comes out looking pretty much the same. And, of course, all we brides stand in exactly the same coquettish pose.

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