Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just looking for reasons to play with the guurls

After the wedding fest is all said and done, it doesn't have to end there. At that point, I can start looking forward to the divorce and yet another opportunity to plan a big, fun spree.

Or so this article in a peculiarly narrowcasted magazine called Girlfriend Getaways suggests:

Heck, there's even a kitsch industry just for this niche market complete with services that can turn a picture of your ex into a cutting board, and wedding ring coffins from online retailer, WeddingRingCoffin.com.
"I was just so beyond excited to get divorced," gushes Andrea, an L.A. publicist, to GG. She went with a "princess theme" bash, handed out rhinestone tiaras to all her guests (guurlfriends, presumably), and they spent the evening giving "each other facials" (yes, that's what it said), playing guurl games like "Girl Talk" (also comes in a Hannah Montana version), and eating chocolate off of pink Cinderella plates.

Suddenly, sitting here typing this out, I'm overwhelmed with a great longing for the days of "angry feminist" sisterhood and grim consciousness raising sessions. All this over the top, kitsched-out celebration of guurliness is beginning to grow tiresome. Women are more fun when they're intelligently pissed, in my opinion. All that gleeful screaming in the Sex and the City movie curbed my appetite for certain types of camaraderie with the girls for a while, and my self-imposed exposure to the fluffy, pink exuberance of the guurlfriend-industrial complex is threatening to turn me into a misogynist.

But never mind guurlicious divorce parties. There's plenty of screamy guurl festivities to be had before the Big Day that leads to the other Big Day of the glittery, pink-frosting divorce bender. Browsing through the retail site BachloretteSuperstore.com (warning: may contain photos of cupcake and inflatable phalluses), I see I am supposed to have a pre-wedding party (or several) during which I get together with all my guurlfriends dressed in clothing that identifies me as the groom's possession...

...and my friends by their wedding party honorifics.

I can go with the fluffy Pretty in Pink theme, for which I can get an entire package of goodies and favors...

...or go the Oh So Naughty route.


And me and the guurls can snap each others' pictures with special throw-away cams festooned with photographs of other guurls having the appropriate fun, so we know just what we should be doing at this little shindig.

(must be sure to get one of someone whispering in my ear)

All that horror aside, I have been contemplating making my own wedding cake out of cupcakes, and having a little cupcake festooning get together with friends in place of the standard shower or Naughty But Nice themed bachelorette party.

First things first, though; we need to come up with some kind of date for this grand affair. People are getting restless. Apparently those who might want to be present have lives and plans of their own, and the Bride must not start to think like a "Bridezilla," operating under the delusion that the world is at her beckoning.

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Dee said...

Unbelievable that there's stuff out there to celebrate a divorce . . . I mean, I do understand why such an event might be celebrated in some cases, but I do think it's a bit shameful that there's some company out there making money on it. Criminy.

As for all that "guurly" stuff - when I saw the pink stuff, I about gagged. I like your idea of hanging with your girlfriends to make your cupcake wedding cake - do things that are fun for you!